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Over the years, Dr. Morgan has helped many people attain and maintain their dental health, function, and beauty. Some satisfied patients have even written first-hand accounts as to why they keep coming back to our boutique practice. We thank our patients for giving us the opportunity to share their experiences and successes, and we hope you find them inspiring.
Dr. Morgan is the BEST! He cares about what he does, and even better, he is great at what he does -- which is to restore the image of having good teeth back to your face! I've had three crowns made, and I was impressed by the way he treated each one like a well-crafted work of art. He was meticulous, patient, precise. He has very high standards and does not cut any corners. Best of all, he is friendly and courteous. He's been my dentist since 2008, and I have to say that every the time and dollar spent are worth the investment!

Maria Q., New York

"I asked Dr. Morgan to replace the crown on one of my front teeth, a glaring restoration that caused me to smile self-consciously. Once he'd finished, I told my sharp-eyed young daughter. She wanted to see and I bared my teeth for her. “Which one is it, Dad?”—no critique could have made a more ringing confirmation of Dr. Morgan’s precision in pursuit of dental wholesomeness."

~Mr. A.R.K.

"I searched for a dentist for a couple of years. My upper teeth were very small and discolored which always bothered me. My biggest concern was to find someone who would create a natural looking smile. Luck struck when I befriended a woman who to my disbelief mentioned her beautiful teeth all being 'fake'.

"I want your dentist" I said.

I now have a beautiful smile. My gums were raised, my teeth straightened and then capped or veneered. Dr Morgan is not only a very knowledgeable doctor but also a skilled craftsman. As a hobby sculptor and photographer he has a keen sense for 3 dimensional design and a very good eye. I have recommended him many times."

~Ms. T. M.

"I had a front tooth and a lower tooth replaced with implants by Dr Morgan....the procedure couldn't have been easier, being that the doctor does both the surgery as well as the cosmetic part of the procedure. (this is not always so in this type of procedure)...what a great job!!
It's the best to be able to smile and not feel people are looking at my old discolored tooth....on top of all that he couldn't be nicer and caring when it comes to making the procedure painless.

~Mr. T.M.



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